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scam or genuine




  • Official comment

    Hi Derek,

    Thank you for your post. That should never have happened, and I completely understand how frustrating this must be for you. I will relay this message to the appropriate quality department.

    Once the order is submitted, you are able to download the software by following the link in your purchase confirmation email and activate the installed version with the serial key provided.

    As the additional service, we are ready to provide you with free technical assistance over the phone: Remote activation of your software by one of our agents.

    Our experts use 100% secure technology to activate your software remotely on your PC and help you adjust the recommended settings of your product. We will gladly provide you with additional information and assistance!

     As for your case, I see that you have already got assistance over email from our customer service agent.

    Let me know if there is any issue or feedback.


  • Michael Parker

    It makes no good business sense at all, to develop a software, and have a high percentage of people have difficulty just running the software. This is a issue that your developers should have seen coming when Windows 10 was updated. Your software is really needed in a community of users, and you have to have live agents from the get go crawl into our computer, and adjust ALL of your security preferences to make it work? BS..Id be checking into the people you are farming out to. These are not employees, but individuals that Inpixio has contracted with who are working from home to "resolve issues" in the software. Your 1 step from a lawsuit waiting to happen..I recorded the event on my computer, his IP, his name, traced his address, and if money or my credit is compromised in any way, Inpixio will be sorry they ever sent me an invitation to buy their software. 

  • Holden R. - Support

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for reaching out with your experience and insight. My name is Holden Roy, a manager on the support team. We have launched an investigation to look into how the tech partners have interacted with our users.

    This is an extremely concerning situation that we are taking extremely seriously. 

    If you are willing to send any information you have to that would be extremely helpful. 


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