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differences between professional and base products



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    Hi János,

    Good question! I will be happy to explain.

    The InPixio Studio 10 Ultimate includes the basic (aka standard) versions of the software modules. 

    The InPixio Photo Focus 4 Professional additionally includes the next features:

    Vignetting that helps you to create professional-looking photos with oval frames

    You can also add customized artistic blur to achieve the perfect finish and save personal presets that can be used in a single click for future projects


    The InPixio Photo Maximizer 5 Professional additionally includes the following options:

    You can apply 7 zoom filters instead of 1

    You are able to create custom zoom presets for faster working

    Sharpness module: Reinforce sharpness to reveal all the details of your images

    Noise-reduction module: Use this tool to effectively limit the noise in your image

    Batch processing: edit thousands of pictures in one go

    Film grain module: Enhance your prints by adding great-looking film grain

    Let me know if you have more questions :)


    InPixio Team

  • Lola

    Hi János,

    I have contacted the development team and they have added the PRO features to all users of the Ultimate package.

    I will ask our technical agent to send you the instructions.


    InPixio Team

  • Gia Tran

    Me too, please Lola!!!


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