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Cropping a picture to a shape



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    Thank you for your question. 

    Frankly, we haven’t added this option yet. But I think that’s an awesome idea! In fact, we loved the idea and will add your voice to the features list for the upcoming versions.

    If you have any other suggestions or feedback, just let me know and I’ll be happy to share it with my development team.

    Thanks again for using InPixio services and have an awesome day!


  • Charles Danelutt

    I can't believe there is this great editing product and you can't crop with different shapes.  I can get a free editor that does that quite well.

  • Lola

    Hi Charles,

    I can understand why you are feeling disappointed. I would feel the same too.

    I will check with the product team if we have any ETA on it and will update the page shortly.



  • Santé Quantique

    Yeah I agree. I was shocked when discovering that this tool is not able to do that basic thing. A shame. This is now 4 months since last comment... nothing has change.

  • Megan

    Hi Santé, 

    Thank you for expressing your interest in the crop tool having different shapes, too. I can understand why a lot of customers could be interested in the feature. 

    I am going to forward your concerns regarding the implementation of the feature to the corresponding team. 

    inPixio team 

  • My Freedom Manager

    ... i wil post a separate topic about this; but i just want to point out here that this exactly the same issue in reverse with their clone (and erase) tools.

    with Clone in particular, you cannot select a rectangle - ONLY a CIRCLE.

    yet as would be obvious to you, when cloning (and erasing), you almost always want to select a rectangle.

    as i said, the exact opposite issue to the cropping shape issue. and btw i think more critical too.

  • Valerie

    Hi My Freedom Manager,

    Thank you for providing the idea about Clone tool! Thank you for letting us know that you would like to be able to choose a rectangle when working with Clone tool. We appreciate your idea and I have already forwarded your request to our developers. 

    Best regards,

    inPixio Team


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