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Impossible to get hold of for refund



  • Official comment

    Hi Patrycjaw,

    Thank you for letting us know you did not receive a response to your cancelation request yet. 

    Our main contact center was located in eastern Ukraine. Russia's assault on Ukraine has had a direct and significant impact on our operation and we were forced to reduce our phone and chat support. We are planning to restore these channels as soon as possible.

    We are working hard to restore our operation while supporting our employees to ensure that they are safe and secure.

    We will follow up with your request right away and will provide you with a full refund as requested.

    inPixio team 

  • Mhelm845

    inPixio ... is that true .. or is this a con and excuse


  • Holden R. - Support


    It is definitely true. We have started to move towards normal operations but this is the reality of our operations. If you need a refund we can definitely follow up and make sure you get it. 

    We are doing our best to catch up. 

  • Jean-Guy Carier


    Nous travaillons d'arrache-pied pour rétablir nos opérations tout en soutenant nos employés afin qu'ils soient en sécurité.

    Nous allons immédiatement donner suite à votre demande et vous rembourser intégralement comme vous l'avez demandé.


  • Valerie

    Bonjour Jean-Guy,

    Merci de nous avoir fait savoir que vous souhaitez annuler votre commande. Je peux certainement vous aider avec votre demande. J'ai transmis votre demande au service responsable. Nous ferons un suivi et veillerons à ce que votre demande soit résolue.



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