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    Hello James,

    Thank you for your blog post. 

    I understand you wish to figure a way to reduce image quality. 

    Basically upon saving from any InPixio Photo Studio 10 program you will be prompted if you wish to save in the original size or in a reduced size. All you need to do is to select your preferred size from that menu. 

    If you are looking on how to achieve this via the Photo Maximizer, please select the Maximizer menu, where you will see a top option with a scale like control. it will have the following anatomy:
    - left side will start with 10%
    - centre will be 100% with a knob on the 100% mark
    - right side will have 1000%
    Generally if the knob is moved to the left the size of the image will get decreased and if moved to the right it will increase. 

    Additionally you have the Maximizer option, where you could decide how many pixels per inch you wish to have(ppi), which will respectively increase or decrease the photo size and quality respectively. 

    Please let me know if that answered your inquiry and if your wish to know anything additional, as I am available!

    InPixio Technical Support UK

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