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Photo Editor Not Loading




  • Official comment

    Hello Peter,

    Thank you for your blog post.

    I understand that you are experiencing an issue where the Photo Editor is crashing and unable to load. 

    As this is a bit general, I cannot be certain on what have happened, but I would like you to do the following:
    - uninstall the Photo Studio
    - restart your PC
    - download a fresh copy of the program from here
    - restart your PC
    - download a fresh copy of the program from here -
    - enter all your verification information - check your confirmation email

    Generally this lack any corruption, as it is going to be a completely fresh installation.

    Do reply here if the above never helped and I will help you out in a timely manner. 

    InPixio Technical Support UK

  • Daniel Camacho

    This is happening to me as well. I just purchased Photostudio Pro 10 and now this is happening. Can anyone please help? Thank you. 


    Me too!


  • Paul Broadbent

    All was well until the update a couple of days ago. Now will not run. Starts up sometimes, but as soon as I do anything, it crashes back to the startup screen.

  • Peter Heinermann

    Paul Broadbent: i have the same problem right now, they have a ton of people that this has happened to with the latest update { FEB 2021 }

  • Paul Broadbent

    Reloaded. Now starts but as soon as I try and actually do something, it crashes. A bit unfortunate.

  • Lola

    Hi there,

    Please make sure your graphic card drivers are up to date.

    To update your drivers:

    • Log into Windows using an account with administrative privileges.
    • Select Device Manager from the Start menu.
    • Click the arrow next to Display Adapters and expand to see your graphics card.
    • Click on your graphics card and select Properties.
    • Navigate to the Driver tab and click on Update Driver.
    • Choose Search automatically for updated driver software.
    • Continue through the prompts to complete the installation process.
    • Restart your computer after the new driver is installed.
    More information on how to update Windows graphics card drivers can be found on the MICROSOFT SUPPORT WEBSITE.
    Let me know if the issue persists.
  • Peter Heinermann

    All my drivers are up to date.....your Inpixio was working fine until the an upgrade  8+ months ago, we managed to fix that with some help from Inpixio, it was working fine again  until this last update about a month ago. I have the one year registration numbers for all of the programs that where separate at that it says to put my  email in and it automatically registers it, however with this last update the person helping me made a new profile  for me and other programs i have from you are not listed ... is there any way to get the last version before this last update and turn off the auto updater?


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