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I want a refund dont like this aplication is not what is said.




  • Official comment

    Hi Nancy,

    Thank you for your post and for bringing this to our attention. I am sorry that you’re disappointed with the InPixio software. 

    So, you want to erase an element you use the erasing tool, however, the result doesn’t come out quite as you imagined, its because every image has a unique composition and it requires a specific approach when it comes to editing.

    When you edit some photos and try to erase an item from the photo, it may create blur marks on the picture if done incorrectly.

    To avoid this issue, Photo Eraser has another tool called “Clone”. The function of this module is to copy a part of your photo and duplicate it. To do this, you must press the “Alt” key on your keyboard and select the desired area to clone. Check out our tutorial here or on our Youtube channel.

    Also, I recommend you to check our recent webinar on the Photo eraser and Cutter on the Facebook page HERE.

    I understand how it can be frustrating to purchase software for your needs and not have it meet your expectations, so hopefully, I can get this sorted out for you. Please send us the sample of the photos you are working on and we will be able to assist you properly. If, in any case, you would like to cancel your purchase please reply to this message and Ill ask our billing manager to contact you directly.

    Awaiting your reply.


    InPixio Team

  • Westland

    I doubt that you will ever see your money again.  InPixio is a scam and their software is essentially a virus.  Really it should be registered as one at Google, Bing and with McAfee.  I have been trying to get a refund, but they don't have any method on their site to request it.   

    They say 30 days money back guarantee ... but find me a way to exercise that.   It's nowhere on their site.   I don't know why these guys are still in business.

  • Lina


    Thanks for sharing your opinion on our services. We also appreciate sharing your concerns that the program contains a virus. We'd like to let you know that inPixio is absolutely secure but some antiviruses can falsely report that it is harmful. In this case, we advise adding inPixio to the exceptions of your antivirus. 

    Let us inform you that your refund was issued already and the confirmation email was sent. 

    Next time if you want to request a refund for your purchase, you can go to the support section on our website and either talk to our agents in the live chat or send an email:

    Our team is always there to assist you with all your questions.

    inPixio Team 


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