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inpixio on another computer




  • Official comment

    Hello Jos, 

    Thank you for reaching out. 

    The photo eraser is intended to be used on a single computer and once uninstalled it is possible to install it on another computer. 

    Nonetheless, in such situations, when the process seems stuck you did the right thing by reaching out.
    I went through and reset the back end cache and the product is now available to be installed on your PC. 

    If you need any further assistance, please reply to this post or file a support ticket. 

    InPixio Technical Support UK

  • Jos Oudhuis
    Hello Hristo,
    What is this?
    I replied several times, on the mail and on the post, but no reactions!
    You mailed the product is available, but how do I get it??
    I only have an email when I bought this and this doesn't work anymore.
    So now I have no program and you or anyone else doesn't react nor on the email nor on the support ticket.
    I begin to feel cheated.
  • Hristo

    Hello Jos,

    Thank you for your followup reply.

    The last thing here at inPixio we are trying to do is to make you feel cheated. 

    I have checked and I can confirm you have an eRaser 9 purchased few months ago, which you could get from this link -
    As of the eRaser 6, if you still wish to attempt an activation, please download it from here -

    Please let me know if you need my assistance further, as I am only a post reply away. 

    InPixio Technical Support UK


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