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Why won't you send me the product I paid for?




  • Official comment

    Hi Ian,

    Thank you for your post. In will be happy to help.

    I have pulled up your account and see that our agent has already sent you a replacement version. Please check your Inbox and the Spam folder to find a reply with your new license information.

    Case# 1518121

    The message you received was the automatic notification from our system. I apologize if it confused you.

    Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


    InPixio Team

  • Ian Graham Photography

    I keep receiving this same "robot" response,  I just want the Mac program I paid for, not some automated email!


    "Your request (1522038) has been received and is being reviewed by our support team.

    We normally reply within 24 hours (but please allow up to 2 days in the event of higher requests volume).

    We prioritize the health and well-being of our employees and their families and our Support Teams are now working remotely. Please note that this may cause some potential delays in Customer Service Support. Rest assured, we're doing our best to continue to provide outstanding service to our customers and thank them in advance for their patience and understanding.

    Feel free to reply to this ticket, at any time, with additional information, however, please do not submit duplicate tickets. A duplicate ticket will de-prioritize your original ticket in the queue and increase reply time."

  • Ian Graham Photography

  • Ian Graham Photography

    Still no response to this.

  • Westland

    I doubt that you will ever see your money again.  InPixio is a scam and their software is essentially a virus.  Really it should be registered as one at Google, Bing, and with McAfee.  I have been trying to get a refund, but they don't have any method on their site to request it.   

    They say "30 days money-back guarantee" ... but find me a way to exercise that.   It's nowhere on their site.   I don't know why these guys are still in business.

  • Lina


    Thanks for sharing your opinion on our services. We also appreciate sharing your concerns that the program contains a virus. We'd like to let you know that inPixio is absolutely secure but some antiviruses can falsely report that it is harmful. In this case, we advise adding inPixio to the exceptions of your antivirus. 

    Let us inform you that your refund was issued already and the confirmation email was sent. 

    Next time if you want to request a refund for your purchase, you can go to the support section on our website and either talk to our agents in the live chat or send an email:

    Our team is always there to assist you with all your questions.

    inPixio Team 


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