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Collage creation



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    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your post. Let me help you with the collage creation.

    Photomontage of more images can be done with InPixio Studio 10 by using the Cutter application to cut out an object and place it on the different background using Photomontage feature, then save the resulted image as Final.jpg (for example) and open new photo image to cutout second object and when precisely done go to Photomontage tab and as background use image Final.jpg.

    Again save the result but give it new name Final2.jpg.

    Then load the third image to cut out an object from using Cutter and move to Photomontage tab when done. As background image use Final2.jpg and the resulted image save as Final.jpg to overwrite the existing one. You can repeat the above as much as many objects you’d like to place your multi-object photomontage and arrange them to your taste.

    Also, you can check our software called Photo Collage Maker that will help you to create collages, posters, greeting cards and invitations

    Do let me know if that suits your needs or if you need more guidance.


    InPixio Team

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