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Accout renewed can not received photos from camera chip. Need photos to work with Pixio



  • Official comment

    Hello Bstelloh, 

    Thank you for letting us know you have your license not activated, in the Demo mode. I will be glad to help you. 

    Kindly note that the latest inPixio version has an account-based activation, which means there are no license keys anymore. 

    In order to activate the program, you need to open the program and sign in to your inPixio account. 

    Feel free to check the step-by-step instructions with the screenshots following the link below: 

    inPixio team

  • Bstelloh

    No comments no help.  I tried to follow the inpixio 2023 instructions on how to activate and the things they said to do are no where to be found.  I NEED TO ACTIVATE my photos. A woman called me and I could not understand a thing she said.  3 days trying for hours, no activation and I do have a number to enter just no place to enter it. WHERE CAN I GO TO SIGN IN?????


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